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Monetize your datasets or buy off the shelf datasets to train your models.

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Data is the biggest hurdle for AI development.

We connect vendors and buyers on our platform. You can monetize your data or you can save time and effort to collect data by buying off the shelf and custom datasets to train your models.

Image datasets
Video datasets
Text datasets
Audio datasets
Alternative data
Location data


How can I use the data?

You can use data to train your models for commercial purposes but you cannot re-sell or distribute the data.

Is the data labeled?

Some datasets will be annotated and some not. If you want, we can get it labeled for you.

You can also combine any instances to create your individual design.

Do you accept custom requests?

Yes. You can share your requirements for data collection and annotation and we'll source/label or do both for you.

How does the pricing work?

We charge a commission from the sellers when a sale is made.

How it works

Projects require different types of licenses. Choose your one.


Best for freelancers, single designers, indie developers or solopreneurs.

  • 1. Browse datasets
  • 2. Download a sample
  • 3. Pay the price
  • 4. Download the dataset
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Best for startups, teams, business or enterprise organisations.

  • 1. Create your profile
  • 2. Upload your datasets
  • 3. Set your pricing
  • 4. Get paid when your dataset gets downloaded.
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